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Since I can first remember, I was gifted with a highly trained eye. I vividly remember my kindergarten teacher explaining to my parents that I was drawing a cardinal in 3 dimension, while most of the kids were drawing stick figure birds. Throughout most of my childhood I never thought anything of it. Over time I just developed this craft as a second language. Honestly, I just thought that everyone could develop this skillset not unlike math or reading.


Whether I am designing a physical space in my architecture, building a fly rod, creating a new fly pattern, watching the mist rise over a favorite steelhead run or working on one of my paintings it is done through this lens. Most of my formal education has been in architecture so I have never been fortunate enough to have someone teach me how to paint. Like most things in life, I still have a thing or two to learn.


I am enchanted by wild rivers. For me it is a sensory overload. The rhythm, the sounds, the smells, the visual motion, the physical force, and the light, all blend to create this unique and one time experience that is always changing. Living in Montana and traveling throughout the northwest has allowed me to feed this muse. Most of my art captures those creatures that share the river with me.


              -Anthony Perpignano


muddler vector.jpg
Beaver Creek.jpg
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